Hurricane Tips

With hurricane season approaching it’s important to be prepared ahead of the storm.

During this difficult time of year we’ve put together a helpful checklist below to help you stay safe during the bad weather.

  • Protect your windows from the threat of flying debris, by installing shutters.
  • Ensure that your roof and foundation are secure.
  • Check for termite damage.
  • Trim tree branches.
  • Persons living in low-lying areas should move household items to higher levels and prepare to evacuate when the water begins to rise.
  • Turn off all electrical appliances and raise all electrical or valuable items off the floor.
  • Remove TV antennas from the roof.
  • Have emergency cash available.
  • Store important documents in watertight containers
  • Have an up-to-date insurance policy.
  • Review and update your family disaster plan - Always have a plan for your home as well as your office
  • Secure emergency supplies (water, batteries, flash lights, medical supplies, etc.) and keep an up-to-date list of emergency resources.
  • Have enough water stored in sealed plastic containers to allow for cooking, bathing, washing and other domestic chores for two weeks.
  • Have a portable first-aid kit.
  • Keep on hand lumber, a hammer, torchlight, masking tape, medicine, boots, rubber gloves, raincoat, nails, rope, wires, plastic sheeting, and sandbags.
  • Have canned foods and dried goods and a portable transistor radio. Stock up on emergency supplies with this helpful list.
  • Fill vehicles with gas or diesel
  • Know the location of the nearest emergency shelter.
  • Keep listening to your local radio station for updates and advisories.
  • Monitor the amount of rainfall outside.

For more information and a hurricane build a kit visit

Click to View our 2022 Hurricane Preparedness Bulletin

Staying protected – are you insurance ready?

Give yourself peace of mind and make sure you have your insurance in place to protect your property and personal belongings should the worst happen.

  • Secure your Policy and Review Insurance Schedules
  • Prepare/Update your Contents List
  • Don’t be caught by Underinsurance - Ensure your Sums Insured reflect replacement cost
  • Report any changes regarding risks to insurers
  • Do you have coverage? – Ensure premiums paid in full or instalment plans up to date

If you do not have cover currently, there is still time – talk to us today about our homeowners and content insurance, making sure your property is protected when you most need it.

For more information on the latest weather news throughout hurricane season visit the National Hurricane Center site for up to date news and information.